How to evolve Inkay in Pokémon : (2024)

Inkay in Pokémon:

To evolve Inkay in Pokémon, you need to perform a specific action based on its unique evolutionary method. Inkay evolves into Malamar, but the evolutionary process requires a bit of a twist.

Here’s how to evolve Inkay:

Level Up with Device Held Upside Down:

To trigger Inkay in Pokémon,  evolution into Malamar, you need to level it up while holding your gaming device upside down. This is a unique mechanic introduced for Inkay’s evolution.

Inkay in Pokémon

Inkay needs to reach a certain level to evolve into Malamar. In most Pokémon games, Inkay evolves into Malamar starting at level 30.
Make sure your Inkay is at or above the required level before attempting to evolve it.
Execute the Evolution:

With Inkay in Pokémon eveled up and your gaming device held upside down, the evolutionary process should trigger automatically.
You’ll see the evolutionary animation, and your Inkay will evolve into Malamar.
Confirmed Evolution:

Once the evolution animation is complete, you’ll now have a Malamar in your Pokémon roster.
Malamar is a powerful Dark/Psychic-type Pokémon with formidable stats and abilities.
Remember to save your game after evolution to ensure your progress is recorded. Now, you can enjoy using Malamar in battles and continue your Pokémon journey!

Explore Malamar’s Abilities:

Malamar has access to a variety of dark and Psychic-type moves, including powerful attacks like Psycho Cut, Night Slash, and Foul Play.
Its signature move, Topsy-Turvy, can reverse all stat changes on the target Pokémon, making it a strategic choice in battles.
Training and Battle:

Train your newly evolved Malamar team by participating in battles against other trainers, Inkay in Pokémon, and gym leaders.
Experiment with different movement combinations and strategies to maximize Malamar’s effectiveness in combat.
Take advantage of Malamar’s typing and abilities to counter opponents and overcome challenges throughout your Pokémon journey.
Bond with Your Pokémon:

As you continue your adventure, remember to bond with Malamar and strengthen your relationship.
Spend time together in Pokémon-Amie (or similar features in other games) to increase your bond and improve Malamar’s performance in battle.
Treat Malamar well, and it will become a loyal and powerful member of your Inkay in Pokémon team.
Share Your Success:

Share your experiences and battles featuring Malamar with friends, fellow trainers, or online communities.
Discuss strategies, exchange tips, and showcase Malamar’s strengths and versatility in different situations.
Celebrate your evolutionary journey and inspire others to evolve their own Inkay into Malamar.
With these steps, you can successfully evolve Inkay into Malamar and unleash its full potential in battles and adventures. Enjoy the thrill of training and mastering this unique and powerful Pokémon!