How To Make Tamagotchi Pets List


Tamagotchi Pets List is a popular virtual pet toy that allows users to take care of a digital creature. Each Tamagotchi character has its own unique traits, preferences, and evolutionary conditions. Here is a list of some Tamagotchi Pets List from different generations:

Tamagotchi Pets List

Generation 1:

  • Babytchi [2]
  • Marathi [2]
  • Tamatchi [2]
  • Kuchitamatchi [2]
  • Mametchi [2]
  • Ginjirotchi [2]
  • Maskutchi [2]
  • Kuchipatchi [2]
  • Nyorotchi [2]
  • Tarakotchi [2]
  • Oyajitchi (exclusive to the Japanese version) [2]
  • Bill (exclusive to International version) [2]

Generation 2: Tamagotchi Pets List

  • Shirobabytchi [2]
  • Tonmarutchi [2]
  • Tongaritchi [2]
  • Hashitamatchi [2]
  • Mimitchi [2]
  • Pochitchi [2]
  • Nyatchi (Japanese V2) [2]
  • Zuccitchi [2]
  • Hashizoutchi [2]
  • Kusatchi [2]
  • Takotchi [2]
  • Sekitoritchi (exclusive to Japanese V1) [2]
  • Charitchi (replaces Sekitoritchi in Japanese V2) [2]
  • Zatchi (exclusive to the International version) [2]

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and there are many more Tamagotchi characters available in different versions and releases. Each character evolves based on the care and discipline mistakes made during its growth stages.

Understanding Tamagotchi Basics

Sure! Here are the basics of understanding and taking care of a Tamagotchi Pets List:

Tamagotchi Pets List

  1. Activation:
    • To wake up your Tamagotchi, remove the paper tab from the side of the device [1].
    • Press the (B) button to set the timer. Use (A) to set the hours, (B) to set the minutes, (C) to confirm the time, and (B) to return to the menu. Your Tamagotchi will hatch in about 5 minutes [1].
  2. Buttons:
    • The Tamagotchi device has three buttons: (A), (B), and (C).
    • Use (A) to select, (B) to confirm or execute a selection, and (C) to return to the main screen or cancel [1].
  3. Feeding:
    • Press (A) until the fork and knife icon is highlighted, then press (B).
    • Select either Meal or Snack by pressing (A) to move the arrow, then (B) to feed your Tamagotchi character.
    • Be careful not to overfeed your character, as they may refuse to eat [1].
  4. Light:
    • Use (A) to select the light bulb icon and press (B) once highlighted.
    • Turn the light On or Off by pressing (A) to make your selection and then (B) to confirm.
    • The light should be turned off when the Tamagotchi character is asleep to prevent restlessness. It will automatically come on when the character wakes up [1].
  5. Bathroom:
    • When your Tamagotchi character goes to the bathroom, select the Duck icon using the (A) button, then (B) to flush the screen.
    • Cleaning up after your Tamagotchi character will make them happy [1].
  6. Health Meter:
    • Selecting the Health Meter icon will show your Tamagotchi character’s age/weight, discipline, hunger, and happiness.
    • This will help you understand what your Tamagotchi character needs.
    • Press (C) to return to the main screen [1].
  7. Play:
    • Select the bat and ball icon to begin the game.
    • For the Character Game, guess 5 times which way the character will turn by pressing (A) for left and (B) for right.
    • For the Number Game, guess 5 times if the number will be higher or lower than the first number by pressing (A) for lower and (B) for higher.
    • The more times you guess correctly, the happier your character will be after playing [1].
  8. Medicine:
    • If you see a ‘skull’ image on your screen, it means your Tamagotchi character is sick and needs medicine.
    • Press (B) on this icon to help heal them. It may take more than one dose to fully restore their health [1].
  9. Attention and Discipline:
    • If your Tamagotchi character beeps and the “Attention” icon is highlighted, check the Health Meter to see what they need.
    • If they don’t need anything, you must discipline them, or the icon will remain highlighted.
    • Use the Discipline icon if your Tamagotchi character beeps even though they are full and happy, won’t eat when hungry, or won’t play games when unhappy.
    • Not disciplining your Tamagotchi character can result in bad manners [1].

Remember, these are just the basics of taking care of a Tamagotchi Pets list. There are many more features and activities to explore as you continue to interact with your virtual pet!

Nurturing Your Tamagotchi

Nurturing your Tamagotchi is essential for its well-being and happiness. Here are some tips to help you take care of your virtual pet:

Tamagotchi Pets List

  1. Feeding and Hydration:
    • Regularly feed your Tamagotchi by selecting the meal or snack option [2].
    • Be mindful not to overfeed your Tamagotchi, as it may refuse to eat [2].
    • Keep an eye on the hunger meter in the Health Meter icon to ensure your Tamagotchi is well-fed [2].
    • Provide water for your Tamagotchi by selecting the drink option [1].
  2. Social Interaction:
    • Interact with your Tamagotchi Pets regularly to keep them happy and entertained [1].
    • Play games with your Tamagotchi Pets List to increase its happiness level [2].
    • Connect your Tamagotchi with other compatible devices to make friends and expand its social circle [3].
  3. Health and Hygiene:
    • Monitor the health meter in the Health Meter icon to check your Tamagotchi’s well-being [2].
    • If your Tamagotchi Pets List gets sick, use the medicine option to help heal it [2].
    • Clean up after your Tamagotchi when it goes to the bathroom by selecting the Duck icon [2].
  4. Discipline and Training:
    • Use the discipline option if your Tamagotchi misbehaves or refuses to eat or play [2].
    • Praise your Tamagotchi when it behaves well to earn training bars and improve its discipline level [3].
  5. Sleep and Rest:
    • Turn off the light when your Tamagotchi is asleep to ensure it gets proper rest [2].
    • Allow your Tamagotchi Pets List to take naps during the day to recharge its energy [3].

Remember, nurturing your Tamagotchi requires regular attention and care. By following these tips, you can ensure a healthy and happy virtual pet experience.