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Galaxy S23 Ultra (left), OnePlus 11 (middle), Pixel 7 Pro (right) - notice how the lights in the background are better retained on the OnePlus 11, while the subject is also better exposed by the phone Chinese.  Image courtesy of Versus.  - OnePlus 11 Camera - you no longer need a Samsung Galaxy or Pixel to take great photos on Android!
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OnePlus 11 Digital camera – you now not want a Samsung Galaxy or Pixel to take nice images on Android!

I not too long ago criticized the OnePlus 11 however it is time to give the Chinese…

Messaging is no longer an Android mess, it's an iPhone problem: Talking RCS with Hiroshi Lockheimer
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Messaging is now not an Android mess, it is an iPhone drawback: Speaking RCS with Hiroshi Lockheimer

Max Weinbach – March 24, 2023 11:00 a.m. Just a few weeks in the past at MWC…